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Розкрийте дужки , вживаючи дієслова в present continuous чи в present simple

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1) What are you doing here now? -We are listening to tap recording. 2)Do you want to see my father? -Yes, I do. 3) Michael know German rather well. He wants to know English, too, but he has little time for it now. 4) What magazine are you reading? -It is a French magazine. There are good articles on sports here. Do you interested in sport? -Yes, I do. But I don’t know French. 5) We have an English lesson now. 6) Does Lena usually prepare her homework at the institute? -No, she doesn’t. As a rule, she works at home. - And What is writing now? -Oh, she is writing an article for our wall newspaper. 7) Who is that man who standing in the doorway? - Do you not recognize him? It is John, my cousin. 8) I have no time now, I am having dinner. 9) Do your family leave Zaporizhia in summer? -Yes, we always go to the sea-side. We all like the sea. Mother stays with us to the end of August, but father returns much earlier. 10) Where are Tom and Nick now? -They are having a smoke in the garden.