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My dream teacher is a teacher who loves his profession very much. This person is truly committed to teaching children. The teacher of my dream is simply obliged to perfectly know your subject, to love children, to be interested in their life. He should not force him to cram something absolutely without understanding, he should help to understand the subject itself, its basics. This teacher should have his own special formula for raising children. And it’s not at all necessary to swear and shout, he should always calmly and restrainedly explain the material. This teacher should be an example for all other teachers, so that in the team he would not be a “white crow”, but be a leader.

In general, in my life I have met a lot of good teachers who have devoted themselves to their work. These people really knew their subject well, even though some of them didn’t even have higher education, in my opinion they explained better than many teachers with higher education and high self-esteem, who only shout at children and look down.

I also met teachers who didn’t communicate well with children, couldn’t find a common language, and my dream teacher should have a common language with absolutely all students of the school. After all, you can make sure that even the most notorious bully wants to learn. You just need to have the desire and approach.

An ideal teacher should not do a lot of homework, as many teachers do. After all, if everyone asks a lot, it will be difficult to learn, as for me he must give just enough so that I can consolidate the material that has been covered. Another such teacher should have charisma, be able to cheer in a difficult situation, help you. Such a teacher should be fully given to each of us, love the school and their work.

In conclusion I want to say that I already have such a teacher. This is my English teacher. At the lessons we are not just cramming words, but watching American films in the original, reading interesting stories and thanks to this the whole class has very good knowledge even without bison, each of us knows more than three thousand words, although many houses don’t even repeat them. If every teacher were like her, then all the children would have very great merits.