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Поставьте глаголы в past continuous active.2.The children were frightened because it(get) dark3.It was a fine day and the roads were crowded because a lot of people (rush) to the seaside. 4.The aeroplane in which the football team (travel) crashed soon after taking off.5.He usually wears sandals but when I last saw him he (wear) boots6.The house was in great disorder because he (redecorate) it.7.The director didn’t allow the actors to travel by air while they (work) on the film.8.The car had nobody in it but the engine (run).9.Two children (play) on the sand and two fishermen (lean) against an upturned boat.I was alone in the house at that time because Mr Jones (work) in the garage and Mrs Jones (shop).He said that he was the captain of the ship which (sail) that night for Marseilles.Are you going to Rome? I thought that you (go ) to Milan.My wife and I (talk) about you the other day.When I first met him he (study) painting.There was a strong smell and the sound of frying. Mr Jones (coock) fish.Tom ate nothing for lunch because he (diet). He said that he (try) to lose 10 kilos.Who you (talk) to on the telephone as I come in? I (talk) to Mr Pitt.When I first met him he (work) in a restaurant.He watched the children for a moment. Some of them (bath) in the sea, other (look) for shells, other (play) in the sand.Where he (live) when you saw him last?She (stand) at the bus stop. I asked her what bus she (wait) for.From the sounds it was clear that Mary (practice) the piano.There had been an accident and man (carry) the injured people to an ambulance..Two men (fight) at a street corner and the policeman (try) to stop them. – What they (fight0 about? – Nobody seemed to know.Tom (sit) in the corner with a book. I told him that he (read) in very bad light.I went into the garden to see what the boys (do). James (weed) and Alexander (cut) the grass.When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker had just finished speaking and the audience (clap).The fraffic (make) so much noise that I couldn’t hear what he (say).While he (learn) to drive he had twenty-five accidents.He had a bad fall while he (repair) his roof.He was a little mad. He always (try) to prove that the earth was flat.While we (fish) someone came to the house and left this note.

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the children got

it was rushed

the airplane traveledhe usually wore

the house was redecoratedthe director didn't worked

the car had ran

played leaned worked shops