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оо Ромогите нужно перевести предложения в косвенную речь.1) Alice said:“We have bought these books today.”2)Teacher said to us :“Don't be late to school ”3)He said to her ,“ That's amazing ”4)Mom said,“Go home ”5) She said to me ,“Don't touch my clothes.”6)She asks,“Where will you go?”7)I wandered«Have you ever been to China,Sam?»8)He told her :“ I am going to the fish market.”9)Betty said :“ I found my passport.”

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1) Alice said that they had bought those books yesterday.

2)Teacher said to us not to be late to school.

3)He said to her that that was amazing.

4)Mom said to go home.

5)She said to me not to touch her clothes.

6)She asks where I would go.

7)I wandered if Sam had ever been to China.

8)He told her that he was going to the fish market.

9)Betty said that she had found her passport.