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2these tablets should be taken before meals

3coloured clothes must be washed separately

4he was sent out of the classroom by the teacher

5Spain will be visited by thousand British tourists this summer

6my rotten tooth was pulled out by the dentist

7he is being questioned by the police now

8a complaint has been made

9the lights had been left on

10my arm was broken when I fell down from a tree

11the cat was slowly poisoned by the horrible old man

12the mountain s will have been covered with snow by Christmas

13breakfast is served by the waitress at 7am

14who was the parcel delivered by?

15she was made clean her room by her parents.

16the work will have been finished by tonight

17she had been warned that she might lose her job

18who was America discovered by?

19who is you dog going to be fed by?

20who was the phone answered by?

21who was the prize given to by them?

22which building is going to be knocked down?