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Ответьте на вопросы по английскомуa) 1. What do Peter and his friend do now?2. What did they do eleven years ago?3. Where did they live then?4. What did they like to do in fine weather?5. How long did their classes last?6. What dia they do after classes?7. What did Peter decide to do in his third year?8. Where does he work now?9. Does he like his work?b) 1. Did you do well at college?2. Was your college in Moscow?3. When were you usually at home on weekdays?c) 1. Do you like to play volley-ball?2. Did you play volley-ball yesterday?3. When did you last play volley-ball?4. Which of you often plays tennis?5. Do you play tennis (football) on weekdays or at the week-end?d) 1. Do students at medical colleges work at hospitals?2. When do they work at hospitals? *3. Is work at a hospital interesting for a medical stu>- dent?e) 1. What was the weather like yesterday?2. What is the weather like now?3. What kind of weather do you like?​

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A) 1.Peter and his friend are engenders

2. They went to the school eleven years ago

3. They lived at home

4. They went to the walk in fine weather

5. The classes lasted 45 minutes

6. I don’t know)

7. Peter decided go to the nursery school

8. He works an engineer

9 He likes his work

B) 1. Yes, I do/No, I don’t

2. Yes, it was/No, it wasn’t

3. I were on Monday at home

C) 1. Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

2. Yes, I did/No, I didn’t

3. I played volleyball two days ago

4. My mother plays

5. I play tennis on weekends

D) 1. Yes, they do/No, they don’t

2. They work at hospital after study

3. Yes, it is/ No it isn’t

E) 1. It was raining

2. It is snowing

3. I like a fine weather