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Вставьте подходящую форму глагола to be . И сделайте вопросительным предложение :1. Mary my sister.2. Sam and Bob boys.3. It a pencil.4. St. Petersburg a beautiful city.5. My granny old.6. We students of this university.7. I ill.8. My parents engineers.9. His brother a student.10. Their cousins students.1 I The sky blue.12.His dog very big and dangerous.13. I tall.14. Mrs. Green a teacher of English.15. The girls in the garden.16. They very busy today.17. Jane not here now. She at home.18. Susan the best student in the group.

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1. Is Mary my sister?

2. Are Sam and Bob boys?

3. Is it a pencil?

4. Is St. Petersburg a beautiful city?

5. Is my granny old?

6. Are we students of this university?

7. Am I ill?

8. Are my parents engineers?

9. Is His brother a student?

10. Are their cousins students?

11 I Is the sky blue?

12. Is his dog very big and dangerous?

13. Am I tall?

14. Is Mrs. Green a teacher of English?

15. Are the girls in the garden?

16. Are they very busy today?

17. Jane is not here now. Is she at home?

18. Is Susan the best student in the group?